Inside the store

Inside the store
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Oct 1, 2017

Vintage Playboy Sale

Please watch this video on a Playboy Chromium Cover Card Collection that I'm offering-up for the bidding. The video will show you more detail than I could ever explain with words. This 170 card collection has been lovingly preserved in a black hard shell case made especially for this first edition of chromium cover cards.

Jul 15, 2017

One Awesome AUTOBUFF Collectors set

One Awesome AUTOBUFF Collectors set.
Man Cave Eye Candy

One tall stack of AUTOBUFF.
All 52 Issues with the Premier issue on top.

Out of all the publications Robert E. Peterson published through Peterson Publishing. AUTOBUFF is the most coveted among hot-rod enthusiast. And even-though there hasn't been a single issue printed since 1988, AUTOBUFF has remained one of the most requested 'out of print' magazines since I opened this store in 1994. Well known for its topless beauties posing with super modified street rods.

Jun 16, 2017


The transformer in my neon open sign fizzled out in a puff of smoke. Not having the $75.00 I'd need to replace the transformer, I opted to remove the neon bulbs and replace them with Christmas lights.

May 29, 2017

Andrews Newsstand Will Be Closing Soon

This old dinosaur is heading to the boneyard.

   It was back in 1994 when I first opened Andrew Newsstand, but we will be shutting it down soon. I'd keep the store open if I could make a living at it. The problem is, if something is printed on paper, you'll find it on the internet as well, and often times free for the viewing. We're keeping the shop open until we find a renter for this freestanding storefront, or until most everything has been sold. We've tried to keep the place open by adding a different kind of inventory other than magazines. Now you'll find some refurbished and vintage furniture in the store, like a couple sewing machines and a china cabinet. We also have several antique Porcelain dolls. If your interested in seeing the refurbishing process, please subscribe to my YouTube channel where you'll see the finished products long before I post them on this website. Check out the playlist "Repair it and sale it".

In the meantime, I'm working hard to prepare this space to be rented and we've said goodbye to dinosaur painted on the side of the building. The video below shows that process. If your looking to rent a commercial space in a great location, or if you have any suggestions or comments,
I would love to hear from you.
Please leave your comments in the space below.

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Apr 10, 2017

Cash Only

Before you come by to see us, I'd like you understand that Andrews Newsstand takes cash only. We are not setup to take credit or debit cards of any kind for small purchases 

Mar 17, 2017

Buy your DRF at Andrews Newsstand

If you're a fan of horse racing, you are probably already familiar with the Daily Racing Form. But you may not know of places it can be purchased. Andrews Newsstand is one of those places.
Of course you don't have to buy a hard copy from me,
You can just download it from DRF.COM
We usually have the Racing Form ready for purchase one day before the race, but it's always a good idea to give us a call before you make the trip to our door; 817-838-2701. We are always happy to hold forms for our customers if you ask us to. But please be sure to complete the purchase or we will not hold a form for you again. Especially if we've lost a sale or angered another customer because we were holding a form for you.
If you're in the neighborhood, please comebyandsaurus.

Oct 4, 2016

Go fishing or Read About It.

Go Fishing

Wading through the weeds, blazing a trail to the place no-one else knows, rolling my canoe behind me on its home made cart to a quiet launch area for a little drift fishing. Carrying three rods rigged three different ways to discover which flavor they're biting today, ready to swap-out rigs in a heartbeat. I've got my favorite lures in my tackle-bag, live worms as a guaranty for pan fish and corn-pops as my catfish caller. It's going to be a beautiful day according to the weather-man. High around eighty later in the day, but right now it's about 65 at daybreak.
My canoe cuts through a shallow fog as I ease it into the water while trying not to make a sound. Then as I slide the handles of my rods into the tubes I've mounted to the thwart, I hear a splash not too far from me. I raise my head to pinpoint where the sound came from, and there it is. A swirl in the still morning fog. It looks small from here but since it's on the other side of the pond, it must have been a pretty good size.

I like to stretch a little before I sit down, because once I'm in the canoe I won't be standing again for another few hours. A long deep breath as I drink in the cool morning air. What's that? I smell watermelon, there must be Crappie nearby. This is going to be the best day of my life. I CAN FEEL IT!. I push off the canoe and step inside. Everything I need for the day is in the canoe with me, or even a week if I chose to stay that long. My paddle creates tiny whirlpools in the water as it pushes the canoe forward. And as I close my eyes to focus on sound of the water passing under the canoe, I can hear birds singing in the morning sun. I must be in Heav ""DING"". Someone walked in the store and woke me from my daydream.

Well!! I can’t go fishing while I’m sitting in my store, but I have my daydreams. I also have several fishing magazines that feed my imagination and help me escape these walls for a moment or two. With around 2000 magazine titles in this store, I bet we have something to feed your imagination as well. We have magazines with subjects covering everything from coin collecting to automotive to DIY home improvement projects. We carry magazines on art, photography, music, and cooking. We have magazines to improve your personal health, wealth and fitness. Along with magazines to help you manage your money, not mention others to give you ideas on how to enjoy the return on your investments when you retire. We also carry publications such as DonBestSports Rotation Schedules, and tip sheets like Power Sweep, Power Plays, and Pointwise. We also have an adult section that is off limits to anyone under eighteen, and a separate section dedicated to vintage Playboy and playboy products for all of you collectors out there.

Everyone has some kind of special interest. If yours is like mine and you can’t go fishing you can still read about it, come by and see us at Andrews Newsstand.

Sep 21, 2016

A Combyandsaurus Story

Back in 1994 there were several newsstands we were in competition with, but over the years they have all shut down but one, making us the last remaining newsstand in our area. This is why over a decade ago I adopted this particular dinosaur as our mascot, icon, brand and symbol of our newsstand. I've put the dino's image on all of my business cards, stationary and letterheads. I also had this great beast painted on the side of my building. I call him the comebyandsaurus. He's old and weather beaten now but he still does a good job of getting folks to stop-in for a minute to say hello. Even if they don't come in the store, they'll stop and take a picture in front of him. He has seen everything from children talking to him, to entire wedding parties pretending to run away in fear. And lately he's seen many young people walking around, eyes focused on their high-end cell phones while they look for pocket monsters. After all, he is an official pokestop. But recently he saw one person who called him graffiti and would have him obliterated from her sight: our local code enforcement officer. But thanks to the hundreds of dinosaur lovers, art appreciators and Pokemon fans who signed my petition to save our beloved dinosaur, and my unwillingness to give-in without a fight, we will be able to enjoy our comebyandsaurus for a while longer. 

Rumors of our dino's predicament started some wheels turning that didn't stop after everything was finally resolved. In our local newspaper, Domingo Ramirez Jr shared the positive results of our battle with a very nice article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. That story attracted attention from WBAP radio, and the morning news on NBC...  15 minutes of fame behind me, now its back to work.
Please use the link below to read that original Fort Worth Star Telegram article.

The proliferation of digital devices has made the printed word nearly obsolete.
Helps us stay in business, Comebyandsaurus,

The Andrews Newsstand building needs to be repainted, so we're going to lose our painted-on dinosaur in the process. This will be a major step in the preparations in closing the store so we can rent out the space. Do you know anyone who's looking for retail space near a busy intersection?
This very large painting of a brontosaurus has been in the a background of many, many photos. It's been a pokestop for a couple years now, and a landmark for the last 12 years.
I don't believe I'll be the only one missing it once it's gone.

Sep 19, 2016

Andrews Newsstand is the last of the Dinosaurs

Serving north Texas since 1994

Our hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Wednesday through Saturday
We sell: Daily Racing Form
 Sport Tip Sheets, DonBest Rotation Schedules
We carry several different newspapers
And magazines on most any subject.

 Come by and see us.