Inside the store

Inside the store
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Apr 10, 2017

Cash Only

Before you come by to see us, I'd like you understand that Andrews Newsstand takes cash only. We are not setup to take credit or debit cards of any kind for small purchases 
and we have no intention to do so. Our average sale is around $5.00 and our most common sale is $2.00 for a newspaper. If I should take a debit or credit card for the sale of a newspaper, processing fees usually cost around .30 cents plus 2 percent of the purchase. Since my profit on a $2.00 newspaper is 24 cents I hope you'll understand why I can't afford to pay out .34 cents on something that my profit is only .24 cents. It would be crazy to accept a .10 cent lose on every newspaper sold by credit card. 

However, if you are making a larger purchase of something like a vintage sewing machine or some other more valuable item we have in stock, we do have a solution to that credit card delima. It is a little more involve than swiping a card through a machine, but it gets the job done. Credit card purchases can be processed through PayPal. Or the amount of the purchase can be transferred from your own PayPal account if you have one.

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