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Jul 15, 2017

One Awesome AUTOBUFF Collectors set

One Awesome AUTOBUFF Collectors set.
Man Cave Eye Candy

One tall stack of AUTOBUFF.
All 52 Issues with the Premier issue on top.

Out of all the publications Robert E. Peterson published through Peterson Publishing. AUTOBUFF is the most coveted among hot-rod enthusiast. And even-though there hasn't been a single issue printed since 1988, AUTOBUFF has remained one of the most requested 'out of print' magazines since I opened this store in 1994. Well known for its topless beauties posing with super modified street rods.
Created, 'I believe' to compete against Easy Rider magazine with its topless beauties posing with super custom Motor Cycles. AUTOBUFF is still unique among all other hot-rod magazines.
I have been asked on many occasions if I think they'll ever come back. The short answer is "NO"! But I can give you the long answer as-well. Peterson started his empire in 1948 with Hot Rod Magazine. At the time, a slick eight page magazine he sold for .25 cents a copy. After many years, many additional magazine titles were added. He sold Peterson Publishing in 1996 for a whopping $450 million dollars. And in 2007 we lost Robert Peterson at the age of 80 to cancer. He had two sons, but both perished in a plane crash in 1975. Also Peterson Publishing has changed hands many times since it was initially sold. So even-though each and every magazine sold by them still caries his name, they can never be the same as they were while under his control. And that's why I say, any new attempt to start it again would simply be a new magazine.

"Now" almost 30 years out of print I offer you a chance
to bid on the full 52 piece series of AUTOBUFF magazines.

The series begins with the bi-monthly AUTOBUFF Premier edition of November / December 1982 and continues all the way through the "Lone" issue for the summer of 1988. From the premier, Nov / Dec 1982 they were bi-monthly until the end of 1983 and in January 1984 it changed to a monthly magazine, so now we have one issue for each month from January 1984 through September of 1987 when they stopped.
In the beginning, the AUTOBUFF series matched Easy Rider for risqueness. But went from topless girls and hot-rods to bikini clad girls and hot-rods, 'or' the girls would have black bars across the front of their fleshy orbs. The censoring was due to a number of complaints from frustrated wife's or groups who wanted to outlaw nudity in the magazine. Peterson was under pressure as these groups boycotted his other magazines as-well as this one. And when trying to please them by limiting the fleshy bits published in the magazine didn't work, he put AUTOBUFF on the back burner only to try again later as a quarterly, which brings us to the "Lone" Summer of 1988 issue, number 52 the final issue.
Until I received this collection, I had only seen two Autobuff issues in my life. So inspecting each and every one of them was both a pleasure and my humble responsibility. It was a great labor to go through each one of these magazines to find if they were complete or not, and they are with only a couple exceptions. The man who sold these magazines to me, told me about the AUTOBUFF posters he had ordered through the magazines. So I am assuming the missing 2 1/2" inch long strip of paper which is missing from pages 37 and 38 of the number #2 magazine contained the ordering coupon for those posters. Ether that or the subscription form. The other glitch is on the cover of the #45 issue, where it is missing the lower right-hand corner which would have contained the magazine volume number. All of the other magazines are in 'Very Good' condition considering their age, and some should receive a quality rating of ' Very Fine'. They all show some wear from use, with the oldest having some yellowing of the paper. But truly, I sale some new magazines that aren't in as good a shape as these.

I could sale these magazines individually in my store, but I would rather keep them together as one extremely rare set. To give you an idea of the value of this set, I have looked for Autobuff on eBay and found several magazines in the series are being sold for as much as $29.00 each.

So I'm putting the entire collection up for the bidding. I'm NOT pushing hard to sale them, but if you're interested in this rare magazine collection, featuring half naked ladies with big hair posing with The Most Awesome Hot-Rods ever built, make a bid.

"Now" Let the Bidding begin!

Hold-on, wait just a minute! I forgot to tell you about the posters.  
In addition to the original 52 piece series of Autobuff, six of the posters advertised throughout this set of magazines are part of this collection. All six posters are 18" wide by 24" long. They are in excellent unused condition and in real life they won't have any of my cheesy censoring.
Wouldn't these posters look great on the walls of your man cave?

Please leave comments and suggestions below.
Bids can be offered in the comments below
or by phone 1-817-838-2701
or by email Andrews Newsstand.

This auction ended at 
10:00 PM Central time on August 31 2017.
The Autobuff collection is in a man-cave somewhere in Kentucky

Shop eBay and compare

Winning bid was $400.00 Plus shipping

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